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03/12/13 10:24 PM #1    


Rhonda Mitchell (Addo)

06/14/2013  4:pm


From:  Rhonda Mitchell-Addo

Hi Ken: You amaze me with this web-site and how well together it is, thank you! Just wanted to remind you that I now have a very large school, 38 classrooms large Auditorium all sitting on 15 acres of land. The trees are absolutely old over 100 years and are simply beautiful. Of course we don't permit any drinking on the land. However, any wholesome activity including church service we would welcome, if the dates are agreeable. My very best to Sharon and Love to you both! Rhonda 


Hi Classmates:

We are already in March of 2013 most of us have reached or will be soon the ripe age of 65 years old!

We are blessed to be living at a time of technology of this kind, and only God knowes the giant leaps it will take in the future. I'm so appreciative of Ken Solomon and all our other classmates who have fostered such a marvelous idea as this website. Our generation must not allow our age to comsume us with depressed and sorrowful thoughts. We are alive and we should act like it! I know all of us may not be where we want to be economically but that is not an excuse to slump into a miserable state. Do something, create, volunteer, have a party invite friends over, join a church, a club, come on the website and say what ever you want to say, but we are not alone! That is what I believe Ken is trying so hard to tell us there are many of us still around, Thank God!

I met a former classmate a few months back we use to call him "Woote" he married my dear friend our friend the late Laverne Doe (beautiful Laverne) well we were really glade to see each other, I asked my husband who was with me to please understand we go way back, as Woote and I embraced. we talked and he told me his "Sugar" was really high and he was not doing as well as he would like. I told him about the website and he was interested but said he didn't have or do computers. This has been the response of two others I've met. Well I want all in Jacksonville to know we will be offering adult computer classes on our campus complex. 4330 Pearce Street. The Now Mt. Sinai Mary M. Bethune Complex. Please all my classmates in Jacksonville feel free to get information attend the class. Also make plans to attend our dedication Memorial Week end,

May 24, 25, 26, people are coming from all over.  Bethune-Cookman University is participating and presentig a portrait of Dr. Mary Bethune to me, we plan to have a parade and march to the school, will post an official flyer soon!

That's about it! Love you all and May You experience new heights and new realities.

God's Love always abides!

Rhonda Mitchell (Addo)

Miss Northwestern 1964-65 

05/04/14 08:06 PM #2    


Charles Hill

Dear classmates 65

I thank God for bringing my family this far. Retired from the ministry as Pastor but I am still active in our local church. My Pastor allowed me to to deliver a sermon from time to time. I am excited about the re-union this coming December in Jacksonville. God has been good to those of us who are still around. Please let me hear from some of you I am in facebook and would like to touch bases from time to time. My e-mail address is This sunday I have giving the previlege to deliver the morning sermon which happen to be mothers day. I would like to extend my appreciation to kent for doing an amazing job on our web site, thank you and your associates responsible for our web site. I am glad to hear the good things that is happening to our Miss Northwestern 65, this let us know that God is good. My son who is an assistant Pastor in New Jersey will soon receive his bachelor in theology. He is active in prison ministry and a master sargeant in the Air Force. My daughter team up with other mom concern about their children education and successfully built a charter school. I would like to ask all of you to pray for the state of Georgia where gun can be carry in school and public places. Looking forward for those who will participate inour December re-union. May God continue to bless all of classmates and their children and grandchildren.


Charles Hill Homeroom 12-2.

07/13/14 05:19 PM #3    


Harold Witsell

This is indeed a very special occasion. I am looking forward to seeing and fellowship with all of my 1965 Yellow Jacket classmates. See everyone there!!! Harold

07/28/14 06:50 AM #4    


Glorious Johnson

Hi, Ken,

Thank you so much for steering me in the right direction regarding getting back on this great website. Thanks to you and my old buddy Claryce, we are able to stay in touch with one another throughout the country. This is truly a blessing. If it's God's will, I hope to see you and our classmates at the "Reunion." Take care and God bless you.

08/19/14 06:35 AM #5    

Kenneth Solomon

Hi Classmates

If you have not done so already, please take the opportunity to update your profile. I suggest that you start with going to MEMBER FUNCTIONS and click on Notify Me. Select the first column (Immediately)  for all functions. I expect that we will be sharing a lot more in the coming months and updating your profile will keep you up to date on what is going on.

I also suggest that you try to share recent photos of yourself, for obvious reasons. If you are having any problem with updating or adding pictures to your profile, please contact me or any member of the webcrew.

We can help.

Ken Solomon


09/12/14 08:52 AM #6    


Claryce Merritt (Jones)

There will be no traditional viewing and funeral services for James Pridgen. I spoke with a staff member of the servicing funeral home. I was informed that plans were be made to lay him to rest at Jacksonville National Cemetery on Monday September 15, 2014. The time has yet to be confirmed. I will check again for the time.

06/27/16 10:52 AM #7    

Antony Thomas

I recall a few years ago when I contacted Ralph for the first time since graduation & we had amazing dialogue for nearly four hours. As a results of that spirits conversation it inspired me more deeply to acknowledge our blessings daily & to share in the light of caring. Ralph & I covered some interesting times from the old & enjoyed our connection righteously. So, I offer to all, when the moment arise, respond & extend thanks with grace & peace in your HEART. OK?. My list is growing & so rich in the spirts.

Shirley Stephens

Jackie Gilliard

Gloria Lewsi

Barbara Edwards

Rosiland Joyner

Geraldine Dixon

John Christopher

Tommie Wells

Sylvia Bannister

Sandra Young

Margaret Coleman

Roscoe Denson

George Alexander

Harold Witsel

Delores Mc Nair

Willie Fields

Teresa Hall

Richard Lundy

Leon Harris

James Banks

Randal Malpress

William Morgan

Margaret Timmons

Mcdonald Burch

Herbert Toler

Reginald Demery

Fredricka Brown

Muriel Lewis

Kenneth Solomon

Pearl Mc Tier

Patricia Alexander

Clayrice Merrit

Beverly Cohen

Johnny Moses

I think that's it as I can remember for now. But here is my # and you may call at any time.  801 - 296 - 2885.

or e-mail me and I will

So, I offer to all, let's allow ourselves to extend & extend our spirits extensively as much as possible. Let not any conjectures interfer with you blessings of diligence's & peace.


Thnks so much,


Antony Thomas.

27 June 2016



06/27/16 06:57 PM #8    

Kenneth Solomon

What a great message.

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